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Thursday, 8 January 2015

Boots No7 Stay Perfect Compact Foundation

I really like creamy compact foundations, I like them more than liquid foundations in fact. But saying that I wasn't too impressed by this one, I wanted a compact that I could keep in my bag so I could use it whilst i was out and about as a quick fix because let's face it, make up doesn't stay on your face all day and does end up looking patchy at some point, when you're out you obviously want to have a quick solution so I thought maybe this foundation could be just that. This foundation promises to give you picture -perfect skin from morning till night and that it's an ultra-reliable moisturising foundation, which is soft, silky and flattering in any light and won't fade away. I don't find this to be true for me personally, my reasons for this is because it felt cakey and greasy and came off very easily. I can't stand foundations like this, I don't want a wet greasy looking face where my make up looks like it is melting off, it's not a good look i'm sure you all agree with this.

It does not stay perfect and I was really hoping that it would, it could be my skin complexion doing this or could be the foundation itself, I have no idea but I think I will stick with the liquid foundation version for now, although I hate to see foundation go to waste and I wouldn't want to give someone a compact foundation which I have already used because that it kind of gross. So I guess i will be using it just as an emergency fix foundation for now. I do love the packaging of this foundation though, i like how the plastic bit covers the foundation and that the sponge is in another compartment. There is an Illamasqua cream foundation that I would like to try but it's £26 so it would have to be REALLY good in order for me to spend that amount on it, So if any of you have tried it, it's this one:

(Image source: selfridges)

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