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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Trainers and NCS

As you all know I have NCS (neurocardiogenic syncope) I'm constantly at war with my low blood pressure and trying to find ways to stop myself going dizzy and passing out. It's a hard struggle a lot of the time but I'm use to it now. As the weather is getting warmer it's making my condition worse and making me feel down, I wish I could go out and drink, hang out with mates but in my reality that's not how it is.

I realised that when I do need to go out and end up walking fast in order to stop myself from passing out as I have to keep moving or sit down, I needed a suitable pair of shoes/trainers. I had been looking at a few online and found a pair I liked a while back, finally yesterday my stepdad took me into town so I could purchase them they are Nike duel fusion trainers. Not only are these trainers comfortable but I'm able to flex my feet around them and I feel a lot more happier walking about at the speed I need to. They are also pretty awesome looking which is a huge bonus to me! The best thing about them is that because they are running shoes they don't feel like my feet over heat, something which makes me faint even faster, I get pins a needles in my hands and feet before I faint too and a lot of the time certain shoes make the pins and needles worse so i'm hoping these trainers won't.

I normally wear my vans which are lower to the ground than these trainers and I don't feel stable wearing them, they don't give me that support around my feet that I need where as these trainers feel as if they do, I've only had them a day but I'm so pleased with them, they were originally £54.99 down to £47.99 in sports direct, there are some good bargains there at the moment! 


Cosmetopia Digest said...

Super cute trainers, love the colour combination. Hope you are doing okay. Hugs!

Elle May said...

Thank you lovely <3 means a lot and i'm good i hope you are too xxx