Toning blonde hair with pink dye. - Elle May


Thursday, 15 May 2014

Toning blonde hair with pink dye.

As you all know I'm obsessed with dying my hair pink and purple, I wanted to get rid of my ginger/brown roots so I decided to bleach them. They ended up going a yellow colour with streaks of silver in from the purple dye and the pink bits went a whitish colour. After a few washes the grey in my hair eventually turned green, I couldn't be seen with green nasty bits in my hair so I waited a little while to bleach over it which made it more green! So instead of using purple to get the green out I put pastel pink on top of the green, left it in for a while than washed it out, so now my hair has pink dipped ends and blonde/white on top with pink streaks.

Everyone kept saying it looked good with the pink streaks but as always they washed out after one wash and would you believe it the green had gone and where I had pink streaks it had turned a lovely toned blonde/white colour! The dipped pink ends I have are slowly fading out to a nice blonde colour too. Right now I'm using provoke purple shampoo on the blonde bits of my hair to keep it looking brighter and looking in good condition.

My hair normally ends up very damaged after bleaching, but straight after I washed the bleach off I left conditioner in it which saves my hair so much. When I put the pink in my hair I used an argan oil conditioner hair mask to mix with the hair dye instead of a white conditioner and it worked just as well, I did this because I felt that my hair needed a better treatment for it rather than just conditioner. Right now i'm very pleased with the out come out my hair, For the pink dye I used the big pink by bleach London, it's a very vibrant pink so I had to put the smallest bit with the hair mask to make it a pastel colour. I'm not sure if this method will work for other people but it worked really well for me, also bleaching hair can go very wrong so I am in no way recommending you doing it at home, if you do so you do it at your own risk.


  1. Aha I found this so helpful, now I know what to do if my hair ever goes green again! I am thinking about putting a pink on it in the next few days but need to figure out what I'm doing with my roots first :/ x

    1. I found if my hair has any bras colours in and I tone it with purple it will wash out as green, that's why I tried pink in the end and I was so pleased it worked I was literally jumping for joy. I was going to let my roots grow out but I gave up and bleached them in the end with a colour xxl blonde xx