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Monday, 14 April 2014

Naughty little stitch.

I was browsing through Facebook not too long ago when I came across a Facebook group page Naughty Little Stitch, the name of the page made me want to find out what exactly what this page was and what products were sold on there. I was pleasantly pleased to find it was the cutest cross stitch pictures with naughty little phrases and slogans. I noticed that there was a competition to celebrate a year of their shop being open so I decided to enter by liking the page and sharing the picture, I had no idea that I would actually win my own customised naughty little cross stitch! I was so excited that I won that I instantly asked if it would be ok to write a blog post about them  and share some of the lovely naughty stitches with my fellow followers. She makes naughty, de-motivational, vulgar, funny and just plain rude cross stitch / embroidery pieces. A must have for any home! She also happily taking on custom orders! Any quote you want, She will stitch. Anything. She has no shame and can also do sweet and cute stuff, by the way (taken from her facebook about me section). She sent me a picture of my own customised naughty little stitch and I got it today! i'm so excited to show you all it. Here are just some of her products: 

This is my Naughty Little Stitch:

I am so pleased with what i got! 

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