Random haul

A few weeks ago Amy sent me some more of her lovely necklaces that she makes, 4 more in fact! They are so dainty and pretty and suit perfectly with my outfits, I try not to wear too many accessories because my hair is such an attention grabber on it's own but I love wearing these necklaces, my favourite one out of the 4 has to be the moon and the skull.

I also want to tell you about some other purchases I made which are two we look skirts and a new look grey blazer. The skirts were both £9.99 and the blazer was £19.99, I was originally looking for a shirt to wear but I have up. The black skirt is high waisted and very stretchy, the belt it a wonderful simple touch and you can remove it if need be. The flower skirt is stretchy and fitted, it fits lovely over my huge bum (thank god!). I got the blazer in a bigger size so it was baggy on me, I roll the sleeves up on it because it looks better that way, it has a lovely leather look bit just above the pockets, pockets that actually are pockets and not for show. 

(sorry about the cat tail in the picture)

I really wanted a nice bag to put my camera and Ipad in when I got out, so I went into Tkmaxx and came across this gorgeous pale pink bag by the make Nica, it was originally £55 down to £29.99, Tom told me I should get it and that it's a perfect size for what I needed it for so he twisted my arm into getting it and now I'm in love with it!

The last thing I have to show is this foundation by L'Oreal called true match, I actually found out about this from Briar Rose's (Megan) Instagram, someone was asking her which foundation she used and she said this one. I got it in the lightest shade which is Ivory Rose. It cost me £9.99 from boots but it is well worth the price, no more nasty mismatched shades on my face anymore! I really do recommend this foundation, it does't feel cakey on my skin or make me look shiny, it stays in place for ages and makes it look like i'm not wearing foundation. So pale skin girls give this shade a go, I love it.

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