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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Real technique brushes

This will only be a short post because i am at Tom's and i was excited to all tell you about what i purchased  yesterday, I finally have some real technique brushes (I know I'm way behind) the fact that they were expensive put me off a lot but from all the reviews I have seen I really wanted some. At boots it was buy one get one half price so I purchased the core collection brushes and a stipple brush at the same time. I've actually been asking Tom if he knows what each one is for and he said either blusher and eyeshadow, bless his cotton socks! I decided I would explain to him what they are used for so now he is all clued up on the brushes I have, bless his cotton socks! I love that the core collection has come with a case that I can stand up and it has room to put other brushes that I use too, that's such a good selling point for me.

The reason I wanted new brushes was because mine were basically shedding and dead so I thought I would treat myself, I managed to get the stippling brush for £5.99 because boots had a buy one get one half price offer on. I used the brushes this morning and I can notice a big difference in my make up from using my old brushes to my make up now, this is a good difference because my skin looked flawless and less cakey to how it would look before. I'm actually really glad I purchased them yesterday because I'm off out tonight for New Years Eve with Tom and my make up actually looks great for once and I feel confident with how it looks. I hope you all have a wonderful night and don't get too drunk so you can remember it in the morning (unless you would rather not remember it), I'm off now but don't worry I will be blogging in 2014!



Anonymous said...

i could do with a set like that .... my pc gets dusty alot :p, yme

Unknown said...

I still haven't tried the stippling brush. Have a lovely NYE

Hayley -


Elle May said...

You should try it out! I love using it for cream blush or my matte moose foundation xx