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Sunday, 29 December 2013

My Christmas gifts.

I had a wonderful Christmas I spent it with my family and some of it with tom, then stayed at toms yesterday and had a lovely time with his family. I'm currently blogging from Tom's PC which feels strange because I'm so use to using my laptop/phone/Ipad, but he has better internet connection at his house. I got so many wonderful presents which I wasn't expecting, people are too kind! I actually got a few things from my Christmas wish list which I'm ever so pleased about. You all know two of the presents tom got me (a ring and a necklace) he also got me some my little pony comics, a hello kitty Ipad case and Chloè perfume. 

My lovely friend Catherine got me lots of sweets, a hello kitty DVD /mug set, a zombie poster and kitty socks!!! My sweetheart of a friend Elle sent me a cat jumper and some kitty treats, I have to sort out her present to send because I'm a lazy moo! Toms family members got me kitty earmuffs, soap and glory gift set, a cat mug, a cute purse and jellybeans with a jelly bean bowl. My family got me some gifts which I've wanted a while one of them being Lauren Conrad's book beauty, I was so excited to receive it, I also got now that's what I call Disney princess, Disney Pixars brave, Les Misérables soundtrack, fashion the ultimate book of costume and style, genius speaker for my iPhone and the 9 stack shimmer kit by Bellápierre cosmetics (which i will be reviewing sometime soon).

I've tried to mention everything I got but it's hard to remember, I have hardly any room in my bedroom as it is for all this stuff, i've also brought a few things in the Boxing Day sales which are presents to myself!  I've eaten far too much food over Christmas so I probably should have a detox or stop eating so much, oh yes I forgot to mention I've no longer got pink or purple hair, my hair is back to ginger so I'm going to try and embrace my natural colour. I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas and I hope your new year is a good one, thank you to all my followers for continuing to follow and read my blog, I love you all!! 

      Mine and Toms Christmas trees :3


Laura Palmer said...

I see Hello Kitty!
Also,Happy New Year xo

Carly said...

Aaw, bless you Elle - I'm glad you had a lovely Christmas! xxx

Cosmetopia Digest said...

Sounds like a great Christmas! I love Hello Kitty! And can't wait for the Bella Pierre review. Happy New Year xx