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Thursday, 7 November 2013

My Christmas wishlist.

I'm not that into Christmas anymore, when I was younger, I loved it, it was such a magical time and we would go see my Nan and Granddad on Christmas day. But now I'm older I just want the food! I love Christmas food, my mum cooks the best Christmas dinner and gets so many yummy sweets (I'm terrible when it comes to sweeties!). This year is going to be the same as every year, not that I'm complaining, I just wish my sister Stefi was in Cornwall to celebrate it with us, It's a shame she can't but she is always at the end of a phone and I can Skype to her! This year there is only one main thing that I REALLY want that is expensive, which is the BaByliss Curl Secret, I know I already have curly hair but sometimes my curls look dreadful and the curl secret would make them look much better, I will list what other things I have on my Christmas list below.

1. BaByliss curl secret // 2. Harvest Moon 3DS

3. Pandora tiara ring // 4. Now that's what I call Disney Princes.

5. Hello Kitty Ipad case // 6. Alpaca Mirror.
7. Brave on Blu Ray // 8. My little Pony from build a bear factory.
9. Lauren Conrad Beauty // 10. Lauren Conrad Style

It wouldn't bother me if I didn't get any of these things... but would be nice if I did get them! I already know I am getting Now that's what I call Disney Princess and Brave!!


  1. I pretty much just want the food too! It's just not the same when you get a little older is it! xxx

  2. Yhhh go Disney Princesses!!!! hehe

    Love that Pandora ring, its so cute x