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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Dresses inspired by my favourite Disney princesses.

As young girls me and my sister Stefi were aways watching Disney movies, well what child wasn't! We always had one main Disney princess each which was our favourite, mine was Ariel because she has red hair like me and my sisters was Belle. We would always make up pretend games/stories which would involve us being Ariel and Belle, we had great imaginations and so many fun times. I don't just like Ariel I have quite a few other Disney princesses I love, I decided to put together a dress (you can actually buy) to match my favourite princesses. I was browsing through Esty and came across 1 dress to match each princess:

Rapunzel from Tangled
My reason for choosing this Greek style dress is because I feel it would suit her even if it's more of a jasmine kind of dress, I love the detailing and a lot of the movie featured golden colours, I know Rapunzel wears a pink/purple dress but gold/cream looks so much better. It would make a beautiful wedding dress as well! 

Cinders is a very much-loved Disney character, the way her prince charming hunts her town is a bit crazy but it's very romantic, I decided to find a dress that wasn't too puffy and I came across a dress that was actually a Cinderella style dress which I happen to be in love with!

Belle from Beauty and the Beast
I had to add Belle to this because she is my sisters favourite princess, I wasn't going to find a yellow dress first of all because everyone uses yellow to represent a Belle dress, but I came across this one and it was perfect! I love 50 style dresses and I would dress up as Belle in this one.

Aurora from sleeping beauty
Aurora is a big favourite of mine, being woken up by a gorgeous prince from my slumber doesn't sound bad at all, her style dresses are one of my favourite and I love when the fairies keep changing the colour of her dresses. I settled for this beautiful Victorian wedding dress, it's from the 1970's and the detailing on it is beautiful! (click picture to view dress).

Merida from Brave
I LOVE Merida, she is amazing, her long ginger curly hair and her boyish ways make me smile so much, it's nice to see such a different kind of princess in a movie for once. The reason why I love her so much is because when I was younger, with my ginger locks like hers the only princess I would end up saying I was would be Ariel because she was a red head! This dress is perfect for Merida, I love the style of it and the colour of it, the sleeves are amazing! 

Snow White
Snow whites, dress I have never really liked that much, due to the puffy sleeves I just really don't like them, i wanted to find a different kind of dress that she would wear that wouldn't take away her kind of style, that's when I found this beautiful retro dress. I would wear it as an everyday dress, to be honest! 

What do you think of my choice of dresses? Would you wear any of them every day or buy any of the dresses to dress up like the princesses I matched them too?