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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

17 miracle matte foundation.

When i was in town the other day i spotted this foundation and saw that it was only £5.99 in boots, so i thought i would get some to give it a go. I really wish i hadn't wasted my money on it really, don't get me wrong the price of it is a great upside but the texture and the lasting effects of it was rubbish, it claims to last up to 16 hours more like 4! I put some on my hand before i purchased it and it look alright, even the shade (i guess in natural lighting i didn't realise how dark it would be) and it looked fine, went on well and smelt nice. The day after purchasing it i decided to give it a go, i applied it after i had used my GOSH primer and my concealer. 

I wasn't happy one bit, it looked cakey, has a horrid orange tinge to it and felt greasy on my skin. I shouldn't really complain considering it was only £5.99, but i honestly thought it would be better so i gave it one more shot. This time i didn't use a primer on my face, i used my concealer then applied the foundation and it looked even more cakey then when i had used primer first. I don't really know what i am going to do with this bottle i have, perhaps give it to a family member and see if it works well on their skin.


Chloe said...

I had the same terrible results with this foundation, glad I'm not the only one! I think I'll just stick to Rimmel for foundation as they never seem to let me down!x


Elle May said...

I love my Rimmel photo ready foundation, I was so disappointed with this 17 foundation, it makes me not want to try new foundations in case they are rubbish too :( xx

Anonymous said...

give it a good shaking, products like that can separate in transit

Elle May said...

Believe me I've tried that, it's still cakey and horrid :(