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Friday, 13 September 2013

My 25th birthday.

I am now finally 25 and I honestly don't feel any different (I hate when people ask me if I feel older) I had a wonderful day and got some gorgeous presents and cards off of people! Yesterday i couldn't wait to open my presents so at midnight my parents let me open them, I've always been impatient!! During the day i got ready to go out with tom, we went to frankie & bennys and then went to see Riddick, after we went back to mine, my parents had got me a hello kitty and wrote my name in silver balls on it which was really cute. My mum gave some cake for Tom to take home with him so he seemed happy about that, his sister got me some Radox bath soak, a pretty candle and a card, as did his parents and Tom got me a hello kitty necklace/ring and a beautiful jewellery box! My parents got me two bracelets, a necklace pendent and some earrings, i also got a lee stafford hair dryer and my sister Stefi got me a tangle teezer! I want to say thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday, i feel very lucky to have such good friends, family and a lovely boyfriend!

Lastly the lovely Chloe sent me the most wonderful letter in the post and a card for my birthday, i have developed such a lovely friendship with this girl and i would really love to meet her! Not only is she a wonderful photographer she is a sweetie, we both call each other unicorns because of our funky pastel hair colours, you should all check her out: Chloe Lee Photography


Carly said...

Aaw, I'm glad you had a lovely birthday Elle! xxx

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a lovely birthday! You received some great gifts x

Cosmetopia Digest said...

Happy belated birthday, Elle! So sorry I missed it, but delighted you had a great time xx
My Beauty Junction

Elle May said...

Thank you lovely!! I hope you're well xx

Elle May said...

Thanks sweetie! It was a lovely day :) xx

Elle May said...

You didn't need to be sorry sweetie it was a great day :) xx