MUA wishlist.

The other night I was looking at MUA online and was going through all the products adding stuff to my basket like a mad woman and realising I didn't need half the stuff in the basket but I wanted it anyways. I think most people do this and then decide to go through with it and chicken out in the end, well I am terrible like that I am so indecisive when it comes to ordering things online, I guess I am the same when I go out to shop, I pick something up and decide I should have it and then have this crazy idea i don't need it but then I go back to get it because I regret not buying it. I am a confusing woman I swear! Right now I am a bit obsessed when it comes to blush, I have all sorts of pink shades because they suit me the best, so I filled my basket up with quite a few blushes here is what I added to my basket:

 I couldn't be bothered to list all the links, each product is pretty easy to find on the site anyways so i'm sure if you wish to check them out just go to MUA. I love the red lipstick! I think I may get it considering it's only £1 and red lips are sexy.

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