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Monday, 2 September 2013

lip & blush swatches

As I said before in my other post about my box swap #3 I would do some posts about the makeup I received from my sister, so I'm going to do this one about some of the lip makeup I got and the 3 blushes she sent me. My sister knows how much pink colours suit me so she mostly sent me pink makeup haha, anyways I like the light shades of pink because I feel they make my makeup look very natural and I don't look like I am wearing makeup so first up I will talk about the 3 blushes. Two of them are from natural collections and other is a sleek cream blush (which is gorgeous) Out of the two natural collection blushes I say I prefer the shade peach melba as it is a more subtle colour and blends in better, where as dusty pink looks better as an eye shadow. The Sleek blush is my favourite out of all 3 because it's a cream and it blends in easily and when you build up the colour on your cheeks it still looks natural and not a bright ugly pink, it has a nice gold tint to it which glistens in the sun light (making you look like you belong in twilight! ok I am joking) But I really do recommend all 3 of these blushes.

1. Sleek gold rose 
2. Natural collections dusty pink 
3. Natural collections peach melba

Lip colours!! Now i really like lip stains and lip glosses a bit more than I love lipstick, my sister sent me quite a few of them in the beauty box and I did some swatches on 5 of them, which are Revlon just bitten kissable balm stain, Gosh on stage cool lip jam, Elf lip stain pink petal, wetnwild mega sticks lip gloss and Eyeko pretty London portobello. I will just cut to the chase I didn't like the Eyeko lip gloss and wetnwild lip gloss as much as I liked Gosh, my reason being is I found it  it came off too fast (eyeko) and the wetnwild lipgloss smells horrid, where as the other too felt nicer and lasted longer on my lips. Out of the 5 of these, my favourite products were the lip stains, they last for ages and look great and when they fade they still look nice. I don't think a darker shade lip stain would suit me so much, not as much as a dark lipstick does.

1. Revlon just bitten kissable balm stain
2. Gosh on stage cool lip jam
3.  Elf lip stain pink petal
4. wetnwild mega sticks lip gloss 
5. Eyeko pretty london portobello

Does anyone have any of these blushers or lipglosses/ lip stains? tell me what you think of them

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