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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Foundation Sponge & tangle teezer

First of all i want to apologise for not being on here much, i have a genuine reason and it's not because i am lazy (well i am kind of ) but because we changed internet providers and ever since it has been really slow and i haven't been able to connect, i can just about write this post and it's like 2am!!! anyways i thought i would do a post about the foundation blender sponge my sister got me with my beauty box and the tangle teezer she got me for my birthday.

Foundation blender sponge

I only had a chance to use this sponge once because my cats decided it was their toy and ran off with it and destroyed it! I was so upset because i really enjoyed using it, i put it under water and squeezed some water out, it had gone twice the size it originally was, i then started to use it to apply my foundation and it went on so well, it left my face looking smooth and flawless. I had decided to use it with a foundation that i found cakey, but when i applied it the foundation didn't look cakey at all it looked flawless and lovely. I have no idea what make it is or where my sister got it from, just don't leave your sponge anywhere near a cat because cats claim ownership of everything, well at least my cats do.

Tangle Teezer

I was really excited to get my tangle teezer for my birthday because my hair is so knotty espically since i started to bleach it and because its curly. My sister got me the orange one because i am naturally ginger, she is funny like that haha. I am in love with it! I use it when my hair is wet or dry and when i brush it through my knots there is no pain at all, which normally happens because the curls in my hair go knotty a lot. I have seen a few bad reviews about the tangle teezer but in my opinion its a great must have and it's great to use as a normal brush as well as to untangle your hair.

By the way it's took me two hours just to upload two pictures into this post, i think i am going to go crazy at how slow my connection is in a minute!


  1. I love the Tangle Teezer and that colour is so cool! Mine's a boring blue. Such a shame your cats destroyed the blender, even they must have loved how soft it was!
    My Beauty Junction

    1. I might buy a few more considering the cats are such thief's!! lol Penni is in love with my Tangle Teezer as well she thinks it's her brush xx

  2. tangle teezers are strange devices