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Saturday, 10 August 2013

week in pictures // general update

I haven't really been paying much attention to my blog lately and i feel really bad about it, but seeing as i am doing nothing today i thought i would write a bit about everything that has been going on in my life recently, mostly stuff i have been putting off talking about. Most of you know i was engaged and that i wanted to get married in the next two years to him but unfortunately things for me with him didn't feel right anymore and i ended that relationship, i sound like a bitch for doing it but things hadn't been right for a while since i lost the baby and i just wasn't happy anymore, the stress had been making me ill and i thought it was best to just end it and try and start my life over to be happy. I do still love him very much and i had some really special times with him but sometimes things in life happen and in order for me to be happy i couldn't stay in that relationship anymore. Besides that i have been busy hanging out with someone new that i have been seeing, he is very sweet and has made me feel like the old Elle again, everyone has noticed a difference in me and they are happy that i'm not sitting around depressed anymore, his name is Tom and i really enjoy his company and we like the same things, which is always a good thing. Actually had a lovely evening with him last night and met two of his friends, we sat and ate pizza and watched Southpark.

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I have been really naughty and stopped making headbands, but i am ordering more stock to get back into making them seeing as i love making them and other people love them too! I am thinking about doing big wild rose headbands only though seeing as i think they are the prettiest, but if i do get requests to do other kinds i am more then happy to make them. Now finally i put together my week in instagram pictures seeing as i haven't done that in ages! 

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1. I saved up 100,000 bells in animal crossing new leaf and all i was given was a box of tissues for it *sad face* // 2. My sister visited my land in animal crossing and gave me an orange balloon! // 3. Tom got me some lucky charms and popping candy, i was beyond excited about it. // 4. My mum made the most yummy pasta ever, chicken and cheese! // 5. I had a nice time playing borderlands 2 at Tom's i hadn't played it in ages and i realised why i liked it so much again. // 6. I decided to straighten my hair for the first time in forever. // 7. It's been super sunny in St Austell lately and i love the view from my balcony in my garden. // 8. Gizzy looks terrified haha // 9. penni is so cute i love when she sits around with that grumpy look on her face with her paws together.

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I have one last thing to say and it is a big congratulations to my close friend Vicky, she has helped me a lot these past months and i couldn't of asked for a better friend, this morning at 3.03am she gave birth to her beautiful daughter Bella Rose who weighed 6lb 11. She has had a hard pregnancy but has overcome a lot and i am very proud of her and proud to call her my friend, i wish her and Bella all the happiness in the world and i love you lot's Vicky!!!

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