Birthday wish list

I know my birthday isn't until September but i wanted to do a wish list say people (basically family) know what i want for it. As i have got older i see no point celebrating it anymore, it's just like any other day except i would of been born that day 25 years ago (yes i am 25 this year). When i was younger i had a plan that by the time i was 25 i wanted to be moved out of my parents, married and have my first child, but that obviously hasn't happened for me yet and things have all changed for me since i have started seeing someone new. But anyways enough of that, there isn't much that i want surprisingly and i wouldn't even care if no one got me anything on my wish list and it's called a wish list for a reason!

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I love dresses i want so many and shoes that's why i chose two of each and they are mostly blue because i am a freak for blue. I really want the Special edition 3DS XL because i have Chris's 3DS at the moment and it's his not mine ( i should really give it back since we are no longer together) and the animal crossing special edition is too cute! Also German winegums are amazing and i could eat them forever! I am pretty obsessed with Vans at the moment, i wish i could have them all but these are the two i want at the moment!

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