The lovely Carly!

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I am so pleased that one of my favourite bloggers/ artists I know did a picture for me, I am actually so in love with it and I couldn't thank her enough for it. It brightened up my day to see how cute and wonderful it was! She drew me the Alpaca (above) wearing a floral garland which is now being used for my facebook page picture for my headbands and as a thank you I am sending her one of my floral headbands just like the one on the Alpaca! Now this girl is really talented I love her drawings and I wanted to do a post dedicated to her and her wonderful drawings, I will put a link below to her shop and other things she is on.

If you  love her drawings as much as me and want to buy them or follow her click below:

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Thank you once again Carly, I really do love the drawing!!

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