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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Headband making.

A lot of people i know love floral headbands, but the biggest problem is finding money to buy the ones that are more popular and expensive, so me and my sister Stefi have decided to have a go at making our own headbands. I thought i would do this post to just see what some of you think about that flowers we have chosen, we can get other colours if you request them and would love to know what kind of pricing range you think we should go for when we sell them. So far we have 10 headbands, i am not sure how many we will sell and and how many we will give away, we aren't doing this to copy in anyway these floral headbands will be done in our own style.

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As you can see i have a bag full of fake flowers for these headbands, hopefully people like them, i can't wait to start mine and my sisters new hobby!

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Unknown said...

Hi i have tagged you in Seven Deadly Sins of Beauty .. Let me know if you do it x

Elle May said...

Thank you! I've actually does this the other week lol xx