Box swap #2 from Lucy

This box swap is my second and it's with a lovely girl called Lucy, i have been speaking to her for a while now and have a lovely online friend ship with her. She has been a busy girl recently so she hasn't been able to post blogs lately so i am really looking forward to her new ones when she has free time. I was so happy to receive my box this morning, it was full of some lovely things and i am so very grateful for them!! I still haven't got through all of the stuff in my first box so i will have fun getting through this lot! I can't wait to read A Street Cat Named Bob!!

✿ ✿ 

Here is what she got me!

 We both agreed to send stuff we didn't like as well us spend, i've actually forgot how much we agreed to spend oops! But yeah as extra she sent me some beauty samples, an Elf eyeshadow pallete, Nicky Clark instant calmer (which i have nearly run out of), Richard Ward volumiser root booster and Rimmel London Apocalips in shade 303 Apocaliptic.

I got some beautiful blue earrings from JiJi Kiki, a cat note pad from paperchase and the book A Street Cat Named Bob (beyond happy with this book!!) She also put a lovely note inside and 3 packets of Haribo.

 Expert Last NYC lipstick shade purple crush, MUA blusher ( i now have all of these ones) shade 1,  2X MUA nail varnishes shades frozen yoghurt and Pistachio ice cream, Simple eye make up correcter pen, MUA BB cream ( yay!!) and MUA intense colour eyeliner in black. As you can most probably tell she knows i like MUA!

 This is what the earrings look like:

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This is what i got Lucy:

I should name everything i got her but if you want to know click Here she has it all written down on a post, it's far too hot right now for me to do anymore writing!

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