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Monday, 10 June 2013

BodyShop giveaway i won!!

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A little while ago i entered The Beauty Tutor's first ever give away which was to win a selection of body shop products, i had completely forgot about entering until i received an email stating i had won, i was so happy! Anyways i received the package on Monday and i still haven't used what was inside but i thought i would show you all what i got in the giveaway! There was one thing missing from the package but it's not like i'm going to die with out it and that was the Strawberry lip balm.

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seaweed face cream sample, nutragenics face cream sample and a shampoo and conditioner sample from the rainforest hair care range.
 Cranberry joy body butter 50ml (Christmas limited edition), bronze eye shadow 
Peach bath lily, Dreams unlimited shower gel 60ml
Lily Cole high shine lip gloss

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Cosmetopia Digest said...

Congratulations! There's nothing like getting an email saying you've won! And those are some amazing products x
My Beauty Junction

Elle May said...

I agree! I think I will give the stuff a go sometime soon, atm I'm still in love with my soaps you sent me :D xx