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Friday, 21 June 2013

A few products from box swap #2

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I felt it was about time that i did this blog because i have been a very lazy blogger lately, so sorry about that everyone. Also i have had two new Liebster awards from Maddy and Becky and as most of you know i have already got 7 of these (at least i think i have) so i just want to thank these lovely ladies for nominating me again! Now back to my blog, i wanted to just discuss a few of the things Lucy sent me in a box swap and why i like them, so here goes.

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1. MUA intense colour eyeliner- jet black: I love this eyeliner it goes on well and stays on through out the whole day, even with my hayfever it stays on which is a big bonus for  me! It always smudges when i want it to smudge and has a built in pencil sharpener. I think it's a good buy for the price of £1!

2. Rimmel London Apocalips shade Apocaliptic: I have heard everyone raving about this and Lucy decided to send me one as she didn't want it so told me to give it a go. I actually really like the colour but it is a very bold shade so i try and leave the rest of my face when i wear this shade because it stands out so much. My sister always told me that i should either have my eyes stand out or my lips, because too much doesn't look right on me and i agree with her.

3. NYC expert last lip colour shade purple crush: I never use to think purple tones suited me until i sat down and tried them out, i have all different kids of make up in different tones of purple now because i have fallen in love with the shade, i knew straight away this colour would suit me perfectly and it's one of the colours i wear regularly right now. It also lasts for hours which i love seeing as i can't be bothered to reapply lipstick all the time and it's only £1.99.

4/5/6/7. Elf Brightening Colour Nymph dreams: i love this tiny little pallet from ELF the colours are so cute and subtle, they brighten up my eyes wonderfully and don't look too dark. The down side is that they don't stay on that long even if i apply primer but at £1.50 what do you expect! My favourite shade from the whole pallet is the yellow/gold colour, it makes my eyes look much more awake.

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Louise said...

nice selection! I've also been a bit slow on the blogging, so finally catching up with people's blogs!x

Elle May said...

Sometimes it can be a bit hard keeping up, i have been so tired lately that i have been doing other stuff but i have more to blog about now xx

Cosmetopia Digest said...

Very pretty eyeshadows! The purple crush is definitely you xx

Elle May said...

Thank you sweet! I love how cheap Elf are with their eyeshadows, they have so much of a nice selection to. I love the purple shade lipstick you got me too, it's one of my favourites xx

HannaH said...

even though I don't wear much red lipstick, i still love them ;). I'm sure you look great with red lip ;)

LauraJHyatt said...

Ooh the appocolips sounds really good. I’m in need of a new beauty spree, might have to go to boots and look out for it! Xx