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Sunday, 26 May 2013

My week in pictures #6 instagram.

This week has been a really long one! But is has been a beautiful one, the sun has been shinning for most of the week even though some of the days we had rain and wind, but today is a beautiful day too. As everyone knows i have been doing another blog with my sister Stefi so that has kept me busy, i have also been reading! The most frustrating thing i have been doing this week is trying to get the green out of my hair without using any chemicals, this doesn't seem to be working so i'm going to have to dye it. Today i might play some Gears of War 3 or Borderlands 2, if not i will most probably nap or speak to Chris on Skype!

✿ ✿ 

1. Gizzy was snuggling next to me whilst i finished Natural Causes, it's a good crime thriller! // 2. Started a new book called The Notorious life by Madame X // 3. These have to be the best mini cupcakes ever!! // 4. Gizzy is to dumb to realise the butterflies on the cat game need to be tapped. // 5. Every time i eat Gizzy stalks me! // 6. Green hair and i do care *sad face* // 7. Took Gizzy to have her nails cut. // 8. A few new bits from New Look. // 9. I can't watch anything without Penni sitting in front of the TV!

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  1. Aaw, your cats are so adorable! xxx

  2. Haha thank you too bad they are naughty! Xx

  3. You have the most beautiful blog EVER!


    1. Thank you so much :) thank my sister stefichop! Xxx

  4. LOVE your ''meow meow meow'' top!