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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Steam cream and Ayuuri natural cream

Both steam cream and Ayuuri natural are face creams, the steam cream I got from a beauty advent calendar and the Ayuuri cream I got from a glossy box. I love both of these face creams, they both do their jobs in moisturising and both hydrate my skin and leave it feeling soft. Steam cream is ALL the same but it comes in tins which you can collect, the tin I have is called Fiore and is limited edition. It is suitable for all skin types and is very thick so you don't need to use much, I have used it loads and its lasted me a while.

Ayuuri cream is more of a lighter cream and feels very watery compared to steam cream but it spreads very far with just a little bit. The cream I have is the Sandalwood face cream which is meant to be re hydrating and revitalizing which it is! The Ayuuri creams are a natural skin care range based on the traditional fruit, plant and flower extracts of Ayurveda, which India have used for centuries to make their skin naturally beautiful. It has a very woody smell which does put me off a bit, but I can put up with the smell because the cream works really well.

The cream i like most out of the both would be the steam cream, only because i like the smell better, they both do their jobs as well as each other.


Cosmetopia Digest said...

Love the steam cream's tin.
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Elle May said...

I love it too, my sister has a red tin from them as well i reaally want a candle from their site too xx