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Sunday, 28 April 2013

My week in pictures instagram #4

This week has been a long one, i have the most horrible cold ever i thought my nose was going to drop off but alas it is fine, i am slowly getting over it now. I been trying to get fresh air in order to get over it and cool down because i am beyond boiling with this stupid cold! This week i have been finishing off my two beauty boxes and going shopping for my mums birthday present which was fun, Here is my week in pictures:

1. Cutest lights from a shop in Fowey called Reed's of Fowey // 2. walking around Reed's of Fowey taking pictures of myself in the mirror! // 3. Fowey!! // 4. i dyed the tips of my hair purple and i love it now! // 5. I brought this ear cuff from Clairs Accessories for £4.50 i think it looks nice // 6. Every time i go out i seem to end up with business cards // 7. in love with collection 2000 foundations at the moment cheap and cheerful. // 8. When i was in Fowey i finally got my mum her birthday present, i hope she likes it. // 9. Tkmaxx is literally a god send at times, i went in there to pic up something for the beauty boxes and found these Rimmel stay glossy lip glosses all for £6, one on its own is normally that price bloody bargain! 

                                  ✿ ✿ 

10. The best sausage and chips ever! // 11. Mevagissey //  12. I need this bag in my life, seriously i do! //  13.  Penni fluff face just woke up. //  14.  Gizzy is the funniest fluffy bum ever, she just lays there like this. // 15. Penni and Gizzy basically take over chairs (sorry for so many cat pictures) // 16. My mum let me borrow her blue cardigan, it's over sized and so comfy. // 17. I love wearing my in love with fashion dress with my fake leather jacket. // 18. I use to plait my hair around the bottom of my head and wear it on the side all the time, so i thought i would wear it that way today.

                                  ✿ ✿ 

I would say that I've actually had a lovely week besides being ill, i think this weekend i will be cleaning my room because i have a floordrobe and my mum is going to end up killing me if i don't clean it.. she is a clean freak! Also one last thing, if you guys have beauty products you don't need you can do a swap or sell or even do box swaps here: Beauty box swaps it's a Facebook group that may come in very handy for you all! 


Unknown said...

You're so pretty - your eyes are AMAZING!

Efia @ Effy Talks Life


Elle May said...

Thank you, you're sweet :) xxx