Favourite mascaras

I had a huge collection of mascaras not long ago, most of which were dried up or rubbish, so i got rid of them and kept the ones i use and like best. I am a terrible hoarder when it come's to mascaras, is anyone else the same? I think it's because i like to experiment with them but each of the ones i have kept have different brushes and all give my lashes different effects, so here are my favourites:
 Benefit They're real! // I have the small size, i think it's called travel sized not sure but it's cheaper then the normal size.
 Collection 2000 supersize mascara // I love collection 2000 and i have grown very fond of their mascaras, not only are they super cheap but this mascara makes my lashes look longer.
 Eyeko big eyes mascara // my sister stefi sent me this mascara and i love using it after using my benefit mascara, it makes my lashes look fuller on top of the benefit mascara.
 Mememe Fat cat mascara // this mascara i have shown lots on my page, i love how thick the brush is and that it doesn't clump, it's a must have mascara for me.
Collection 2000 skylash mascara // ok as i said before i love collection 2000, this one is meant to lengthen your lashes but i find it seperates each of my lashes making them look natural  my lashes are blonde so when i wear this is looks like my lashes are natural with no mascara on.
Maybelline Colossal Mascara // i have used this one ever since it has come out and it's my favourite out of the whole of my mascara collection.

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