Nice day out in Padstow.

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Today i decided to pop out with my parents, my step dad's sister and his mum. We decided to go to Padstow as there was a market going on there today and i wanted to walk around Padstow seeing as i haven't been there since September when Chris was here. My dress came today, i love it, it's super cute and fits perfectly so i wore it out instead of my studied dress. It wasn't that cold out today though which i was happy about because i hate having to wrap up really warm. I really wanted to wear my bowler hat today but alas it was windy so i had to wear another hat, i had such bad hair so a hat was really needed. Anyways i saw a really nice ring for Chris today so i decided to buy him it along with a rubix cube because he loves them and can solve them really fast, unlike me i fail at them.

Also was wondering if you guys could check out Katie, she is new too blogger and would appreciate it if you could all check out her blog. (click on her name to go directly to her blog).