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I have actually had a pretty crap week but everything is slowly getting better which i am pleased about. The other day i went to get my nose piercing changed and ended up fainting like the big idiot i am! I hadn't been feeling well and i probably should of waited to get it change but o well, i brought 3 nose studs for £5 in case i end up losing one (which is most likely) i could of got one for £3 but i didn't see the point. Also Happy Easter everyone, i know a lot of people don't even celebrate it but still i hope you all have a lovely day. I use to love Easter as a kid my parents would buy all me and my sisters Easter clothes and lots of different kinds of eggs, some of which we could decorate ourselves, which we loved! I really miss being little again and not having a care in the world, i'm still a big kid at heart though.
1. I got Bioshock Infinite, this made me super happy!! Thank you Chris for it!/ 2. Penni was being a big baby and kept hiding under my mums bed throw, she is a cutie./ 3. After i had my nose piercing changed i went to Costa with my step dad and nan and got a yummy hot chocolate./ 4. I met the most beautiful dog ever!!! A chow chow, he was so big and fluffy./ 5. My mum came home with these cute butterfly magnets.. so tempted to steal them./ 6. No drought lush dry shampoo is my life saver!/ 7. I woke up to find her looking at me with the biggest eyes ever! Who couldn't love Penni./ 8. I found Gizzy in the bath, she hates baths it's so weird./ 9. My purple bits in my hair seem to be turning blue.
I got two Easter eggs this year, although one is more an Easter bunny, I'm not a big chocolate Easter but i love Thorntons chocolate!

Happy Easter once again everyone!

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