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Sunday, 24 March 2013

My week in pictures #1 Instagram

I haven't been out much this week, i haven't been feeling too well and too much rubbish has been happening, also the weather has been a bit shit (sorry for swearing), it rained for days and we had flooding in Cornwall. It was a good thing it didn't effect me in St Austell. I'm going to get my nose stud changed sometime next week finally and hopefully i will be feeling better next week because Chris is coming here and i am really excited! I have to go food shopping sometimes next week though for our cottage, one thing i despise doing because people always stand around talking in the middle of the aisle and they can clearly see people want to get past! But enough of my ranting here are my pictures:
1. My glossyboxes are so handy i have filled 4 of them up with eye shadows/nail varnishes and varies other bits of makeup/2. My parents got me and my sisters these lindt bunnies and they taste yummy with a nice cup of tea!/3. These are my two favourite shades of red nail varnish/4. I love wearing baggy jumpers with dresses i think they look cute!/5. My mum randomly brought these super cute magnets i really want them/6. I found this app called imadeface and i decided to make me but with purple hair, it's a pretty cool app.

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