Hair mask #2

I have done a blog post about olive oil and hair mask before, but this time I tried it with honey as well. I have heard some good things about this hair mask and how it makes your hair feel after so I decided to give it a go. I know people normally use two eggs when doing this hair mask but I decided to use one seeing as my hair isn't that long, I also didn't have no chicken eggs so my mum have me a ducks egg to use. This is how I did it:

1 egg, honey and olive oil. 

1. First of all I cracked the egg in a cup and mix it/ 2. I secondly added 3 tea spoons of honey and mixed it again/ 3. lastly I added 3 tea spoons of olive and mixed again./ 4. I didn't want to touch the mixture with my hands so I used some disposable gloves my mum gave me and then worked the mixture up from the tips of my hair to the top of my head. 
(This is basically how it looked with the mixture on my hair)

I put the mixture on dry hair but you can put it in damp hair if you want. Make sure you massage the mixture into your hair well so all of the hair is covered, you can then either put cling film or a shower cap on you head and leave the mixture in for 30 or 60 minutes depending how long you can be bothered to put up with the smell. After make sure you wash it thoroughly with luke warm water and shampoo. After it should feel much more softer and look shiner.

And this is how it came out looking, i have a few fuzzy bit's and split end's but after another use of this hair mask it will sort them bits out, it's much softer and shinier (even though you cant see that) But just so you know this isn't something that could work straight away, it could take a few tries depending on what state your hair is in.

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