Glossybox ribbons

I always end up with lot's of glossybox ribbons and i never know what to do with them so Gizzy always ends up running off with them. But today i decided to make the ribbon into a simple headband using one of my flower clips that had broken, it only took 5 minutes and turned out really cute.

You will need the ribbon and a flower (or something pretty to sew onto the ribbon) and a needle and thread (and safety pin but optional) and scissors to cut the thread.
I had to cut the broken clip off the back of my flower.
Because i wasn't sure where i wanted the flower on the ribbon i moved it up and down until i found the perfect spot, then i used a safety pin to pin it on the ribbon to see what it would look like. I then unpinned it and sewed the flower where the pin holes were.
And that's all there is to it, you can add as many flowers or pretty things to it as you want.
I plan on making lot's of ribbon headbands!

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