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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Empties #1

I have got rid of soooo much stuff lately, most of it was either out of date or I no longer used it. I gave self the task of using the rest of the stuff I do have left so my room isn't full of beauty products, well except the ones I do need like deodorant or shaving gel etc... So here are my empties:

1. Nivea harmony time: I love bubble baths and this is one of my favourites, it leaves my skin soft and doesn't bring me out in a rash like others I have used (my skin is extremely sensitive sometimes). I recommend using this is your bath before bed time, it relaxed me so much.

2. Soft & gentle extra fresh deodorant: my mum buys all my deodorants and this is by far the one I have liked the most. The fragrance is lotus and watermelon, it's so fruity and nice! Also, this one gives very good protection against sweating and leaves my armpits feeling fresh for hours.

3. Women sure long lasting protection: the main reason why I like this deodorant is because it lasts for hours even when it's warm, that's why I have such a big bottle because I use it so much. It says this deodorant has a motion sense system, it contains microcapsules which are activated when you move, releasing little bursts of freshness throughout the day. The downside of this is the smell, I don't like it much.

4. Satin care shaving gel: I'm always using this brand of gel, it leaves my skin feeling smooth and has a lovely lather which leaves my skin soft as well as smooth, this one has an avocado twist which is a nice smell considering I hate the taste of avocado.

5. Yardley London royal English daisy body spray: I love this body spray, I don't know how to describe the small but it makes you want to keep wearing it, I'm not sure how much it costs as I got it in a beauty advent calendar so I might get some more.

6. La richè directions in lavender: as everyone knows I had purple hair and now it's brown and purple, I have about 3 empty tubs of this for when I brighten up my purple bits. I'm using crazy colour now seeing as I've run out of directions.

7. Missha SPF27/ PA++: this BB cream my sister gave me and I tried my best not to use it all but I've finished now. I really do love it, it does come out watery but not much if I shake it well. I'm going to find out where I can get more of this!!

8. The body shop illuminating face base: another product my sister gave me, I like using this sometimes on its own, yes I know it's a face base but it looks more like a tinted foundation which I like.

9. Natural collection coverup stick: it's cheap and wonderful and matches my skin! If you're on a budget I recommend it.



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