What's on my amazon wish list?

Saturday, 9 February 2013

As you can probably tell from these pictures I love blue everything! These are a few things I have on my amazon wishlist (a wishlist I haven't looked at in a while)
1. Lomo Diana F+ 1960's Retro Style Camera Starter Kit: I have wanted this camera for a while now, I love the style pictures it takes and the style of the actual camera, the fact that it's mini makes it perfect for me as well. I could probably afford it, but I end up buying clothes or makeup instead.
2.Vans Authentic Vi Hello Kitty: I love these shoes, and I love hello kitty. But these ones seem to be out of stock everywhere :(
3. Lauren Conrad: Style: I love Lauren Conrad, her style is so nice and she is so beautiful. I use to watch her in the hills religiously because she was my only favourite character in it, I really want this book.
4. Lindy bop classy Audrey Hepburn style dress: These dresses are a love of mine, I would love to own the same style in every colour, but they are so expensive!
5. Kinect Sensor with Kinect Adventures (Xbox 360): I want a Kinect to play the dance games, I already have PS move and the Wii but it would be easier to just use the Kinect, I really want to play it!
6. Ancol Petite Domino Pet Bed: My cat is beyond spoilt, she has toys everywhere, her and my other cat Penni leave their toys lying around for everyone to trip over and break their necks! But I love this cat bed, I know she would never sleep in it because she loves boxes far too much.

Does anyone else have an amazon wish list? I have three, one is just for random stuff, another for wedding things and the last was a baby stuff wish list that I made when I was pregnant, I'm going to keep it still even though I'm not anymore. I thought I would have more added to my wish list's but I really don't have that much added.