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Monday, 18 February 2013

The Clementine

When I was in Fowey on Saturday I came across the store The Clementine. They're based in Cornwall in the South West England, they have a shop in Truro as well as Fowey and they stock home ware, jewellery  art, gifts and many more beautiful things. I went into the shop and the interior of it was so beautiful.I love how a lot of the furniture in there is shabby chic and it felt vintage with a modern twist, the colour scheme went well with everything because it's so neutral which makes you pay more attention on the products, also the big window let's is a fair amount of light which opens up the shop. Their products were very unique  in fact i would say they are more unique than a lot of the other shops in Fowey as most of them stock similar stuff. 

The woman in the store who I spoke to was friendly and polite she had a smile on her face which is always nice to see when you walk into a shop. I love their name, it makes it feel fresh and makes me think of the summer. The font they use for the name is simple and not over the top as well, which I personally think is what made the shop stand out to me, as well as their window display, it wasn't too over crowded and made me want to see what else they stocked. .

This is a quote by Jennie (the founder) taken from their site in their about us section, which I think is such a lovely way of looking at things:
In the beginning there was thought, imagination limited only by itself.In the beginning there was colour - to bring life, to enrich and excite.In the beginning there was knowledge to learn how to make all things possible.In the beginning there was design - beautiful shape and form grown from the seed...In the beginning there was love and support to stand tall in the world.And then there was The Clementine.
         ~ Jennie 

Here are a selection of their products:

The one thing I really do love about The Clementine is that their prices are fair, I would most probably play up to £30 for one of the cushions, they look like they are good quality and the designs are really pretty. the woman who was working at the shop when I went in and asked if I could blog about it gave me, my mum and sister some beautiful hanging hearts.

If you're interested in seeing more of their products they have an online store, so you don't have to go into store: The Clementine. I hope you all will, it's a beautiful store, and if you're ever in Cornwall, in Fowey or Truro pop into their store! I know I will be ordering a few more things, mostly home ware stuff once I got my own place sorted.


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