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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Saturday walk about

Today i went for a walk around Fowey and St austell antique market, i really enjoyed myself and ended up buying stuff!

When we was walking around we came across the shop Pink Lemons (in Fowey), their shop is full of clothes, nik naks and shoes. I found some really beautiful slippers that were £15 each down to £10 each, so i got me and my sister stefi a pair. I got the green ones she has the white ones.

Then i went to the shop seasalt (Fowey) and saw they had wellies on sale for £15 and i couldn't resist getting these:
After we left Fowey we went to cornish market world (i hate going there normally) we went to the antique section and i found this section where a man was selling silver rings for £2 each so i brought this pretty ring for my little finger:
and i also brought some more hair dye:

I have a blog post about a shop in Fowey coming up soon, i asked them if i could write a blog about their store and they said it would be fine, we exchanged details and the lovely woman in the store gave me, my mum and my sister a free gift each. I will show you what it was in the next blog!



Unknown said...

Thank you! <3


Elle May said...

It's oki :D i got your box of stuff ready to send soon! <3 xx

Unknown said...

Great post :-D looks like you have had a good day! I have that red Roberts Radio, I adore it!

Elle May said...

Yeah i wasn't feeling well this morning and i thought the fresh air would help :) i really want one in blue! xx