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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Not feeling well

Today i feel terrible, i have had so much stress and it's been getting on top of me and making my NCS worse. I fainted this morning and i feel worse then ever. I think i could do with a hug. I guess it will pass soon... hopefully if not i am going to cry! I feel like laying in bed and watching my Jurassic park trilogy blu ray set. But until then i will write this post! 

So the other day when i went to a car boot sale i got a dress for £2, i think it's either a H&M dress or Primark one (looks more like an H&M dress) and i am in love with it, it makes me look slim and i can wear it with tights, legging or trousers, which i like because i always wear dresses with trousers. So this is what it looked like on me:

The hat i'm wearing is hand made by my Boyfriends mum (her and her daughter make handmade stuff and sell it) you can buy it from here: Oldcaldonia
The Owl necklace is from amazon, i got it for 48p!! 

The jacket i'm holding is from Asda i got it for £25, i don't think you can buy it anymore but this is what it looks like on:

Today i decided to wear something that wasn't too warm or too cool, because i don't fancy fainting again, so i am wearing this vintage red and white spotted dress from a vintage shop and my new look waterfall blazer:

My little sister ordered a dress from ASOS the other day, it was £20 but she got it in the sale for £9, it's a really pretty purple skater dress with a low hem:
My sister Jane is very slim and she eats like a pig but doesn't put on weight, so i would rather people not make any nasty comments or tell her to eat because she does! With a slim body like her's she could be a runway model!
 The Doc Martens and jacket she is wearing in the picture are both mine, i think she is most happy she can fit into my shoes!



  1. Feel better soon! And you and your sisters are gorgeous xxx

    1. Aww thank you Lucy! Hopefully i will, normally it stops after i faint :)it seems like most of my sister's have/are getting blogs! I hope you're having a lovely sunday xx