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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Lush order!

On saturday my lush order came (that was really fast) I haven't ordered anything off of lush in a while! We nearly missed the post man, so my stepdad ran out and got it off of him. The only annoying thing about the box is the packaging, it went everywhere when i opened the box. If gizzy had got hold of it i don't think i would have a kitty anymore because she tries to eat everything! But thank god she wasn't around when i opened it. I like what was written on the box though!
I love that Lush always tells you who has made the product and the way they word things on their products.
The one product i am most excited about using is Shine so Bright, even though the pot is tiny i'm sure it will last me a while!

Also i highly recommend Anatomicals, they smell so good and make my skin feel awesome!!!

Happy pancake day!!!


  1. Oooh lucky you! Love Lush! Let us know how the hair balm goes! I reviewed their full of grace serum bar recently.

    1. I used it the other day, it worked really well, it made my ends feel nice and soft and they didn't look frizzy at all, i didn't need to use much of it either :)