I Love Love Love

1. Sleek Brow Kit, colour - light 817
I don't normally use powder eye brow kits, i normally just use an eyebrow pencil. But i decided i would try the powdered ones out, it was a choice between this one and on of GOSH's ones. I decided to go for this one it was £8.99, available in dark to light shades. I found it stayed on my eyebrows, the colour matched perfectly and it comes with some tweezers which are quiet good.

2. ModelsOwn Glitter shading pencil, colour- Black Knight.
I hate eyeliners with glitter in, but in this case the glitter in this eyeliner isn't too bad. These glitter shading pencils come in 7 different pretty colours. I have black knight, Too turquoise and Golden Girl. But the black one is my favourite, i like to use the smudger at the end of it for other eye liners because it works really well and the pencil sharper i can use for my other eyeliners. It's such a handy eyeliner and it doesn't rub off easily which i like. Glitter shading pencils are £4 each.

3.MAC Dazzleglass lipgloss, colour- money honey.
I tend to mix this lip gloss with another pink one that i have because the colour it creates looks really nice on my lips, but it looks just as good on it's own. I love the name of it, it has a lovely shimmer to it, lasts a good while and i like the smell and taste of it. It is around £15 which is expensive if you wear it all the time and run out. 

I hope everyone is having a lovely evening!

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