My baby story,

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

I haven't been on here in a while, well more then a while! I've had a busy few months my life changed for a few of them months in a big way because i found out in October i was pregnant:

i found out i was about 4 weeks along. I was really excited and looking forward to bringing a little mini me into the world. I started to plan on getting a place with Chris as soon as we could and made a list of baby stuff. But by week 7 of my pregnancy i ended up with server morning sickness, i couldn't keep anything down not even water. 

I eventually went to the doctors and they told me i was very dehydrated and i had to go into hospital to be put on a drip so they could pumped fluids back into me and give me medication to help with the sickness. The hospital told me i had something called Hyperemesis Gravidarum.

Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) is a condition at the extreme end of the pregnancy sickness spectrum. It affects only 1% of women with pregnancy sickness and is extremely unpleasant for sufferers. In some cases women end up having it for the whole of their pregnancy. In my case i ended up having it up until week 11. I was nearly at 12 weeks when i lost the baby. 
I had a very very bad expierence with pregnancy and all together ended up being in hospital 3 different times for my HG. Whilst i was in hospital i would end up crying at night because i felt like i was dying and my boyfriend wasn't around to give me any support. But through out the whole of my pregnancy and sickness my parents helped me, they took me to hospital made sure that i was ok and brought be all the stuff i needed. 

My GP told me that i can go on to have another baby but doesn't advise doing it anytime soon because i have been so ill and i lost the baby, i even ended up losing 19lbs due to the sickness sure losing weight is great but wasn't so great whilst being pregnant! The GP said there is a very very big chance of me having HG again with my next pregnancy so he advises me to go see him before i try for another baby so he can get my body prepared for it again and so i will be able to cope better with the HG.

I really admire women who are able to cope with HG because it is the worst feeling in the world, it's horrible not being able to enjoy being pregnant and crying all the time because you're just to weak to do anything! But hopefully fingers crossed with my next child i don't have HG. 

I'm just happy i have a scan to remember my baby by and the memory of having my scan and seeing the baby move around and hearing it's little heart beat, it was done when i was 9 weeks and 1 day pregnant. You cant see it very well but i can see the baby clearly:

After i lost the baby and came out of hospital i wanted to do something nice to say good bye to the baby which i called baby kitty kat kattner when i was pregnant (kattner is my boyfriends last name) so my parents got me a balloon to put a nice message on and send off into the sky, which was lovely:

I still am really upset about everything that has happened it's only been just over two weeks, but i will have another baby again one day and i wont ever forget my experience or the baby, and hopefully 2013 will be a nice fresh start for me with good things to come.



  1. I wanna express my deepest compassion for you and your story. Its incedible how brave you are and how well you go on with your life and your plans for the future. Keep your head always up and when the time is right i just know it, you will be a wonderful and sincere mom!

    best wishes, Hanz Haze

  2. this is such a sad story!
    after seeing your other post (about baby cribs etc) it's obvious you'd make a wonderful mum, wish you the best of luck in your next pregnacy! xx

    1. aww thank you sweetie :) i wanted to write the post to make other girls aware that morning sickness can get bad and even though i have been at my lowest i am sorting out my life and planning kids for the near future :) xx


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