Finally moving house!!!

So we finally got given a new house, which i am really excited about. But i wont be able to blog until i get the internet back. We move on friday! :D The house is a new build so i guess we have to wait for a telephone line to be put in :(

But anyways, today i'm going to re dye my hair red because its gone a nasty pink colour and i have such bad roots. I dunno why it looks a bit orange at the roots but when its dryed its bright red! Whenhe red colour has faded i'm gunna keep it brown :)


 before: after:

The cats have been driving me insane! Penni has been in season and been rolling around all over my mums bed!

So we are going to get her and Gizzy neutered.

I woke up this morning to Gizzy pulling these funny faces:


Oh also if anyone hasn't tried this new chocolate bar seriously try it!! I like it better then areo!

 I shall be back as soon as i have the internet back.


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