Egg and olive oil hair mask.

So later this week i'm going to try the egg and olive oil hair mask.
If you wanna try this here is how to make it:

                     • 2 eggs
                    • 4 tablespoons olive oil
                    • Mix both ingredients together and apply onto hair
                    • Wrap the head with plastic wrap, Leave on 10-12 minutes
                    • Rinse off with luke warm water
  (btw do it on dry hair)
Also if you have spots/pimples on your face try this:

• Dab spots/pimples with really salty salt water. (this will dry it out)Then dab the spots with a dry cloth just to make it a little less wet.
• Or you could put honey onto your finger and gently rub it onto each spot/pimple. (this will rid of impurities in the acne). After 10 minutes, rinse face with warm water. Dab dry.
Eventually your spots/pimples will dry out and and disappear :)
:D good luck!


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