Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award.

The other day I came across Cara on twitter, I fell in love with her blog instantly because it's packed full of information and is such a great read, I actually was snuggled up in bed nursing my sore dizzy head reading her blog for a good few hours this morning and tweeted her to tell her how much I enjoyed it. She then tweeted me later in the day to tell me she nominated me for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award for being her newsest Bloglovin follower which was very sweet of her, so thank you for my nomination Cara, be sure to check her blog out everyone it's a wonderful read.

Now let's get down to what the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award rules are:

1: Answer the ten questions you have been sent, thanking the blogger who nominated you.

2: Come up with ten questions of your own.

3: Nominate up to ten bloggers.

Here are the answers to the questions Cara asked me;

1. What is the weirdest thing you have ever done? (keep it clean!!)
When I was little me and my sisters would collect crickets/grasshoppers and keep them, they always managed to escape and our mum would go mad at us because she would keep finding them dead around the house, to this day I still have no idea why we would collect them.

2. What type of blog posts/vlogs do you enjoy reading/watching?

I personally love lifestyles blogs, being one myself makes me sound kind of bias but I enjoy reading a variety of things rather than some like just beauty or fashion. They keep me wanting to read more posts and wanting to be a follower so I can read future posts, that's not to say I don't follow blogs that are based around one particular thing because I do.

3. Your house is on fire but everything that breathes is ok, what one thing do you save?

Material things wouldn't really matter to me with the exception of three things, which are; my purse, I'm going to need money for food and other things until the rest of my stuff is replaced by the insurance and I wouldn't want to wait around for a new bank card. My phone, purely for the purpose of phoning up the right people that I need to or contacting family and friends to let them know I'm Ok. Lastly would be my baby scan from my first baby, It's the only thing I have to in memory of the baby so I wouldn't want it to burn.

4. If you could only wear one colour for the rest of your life, which one. Grey, White and Black don't count!!!

This one is so easy to answer! It would have to be blue, It's my favourite colour and I wear it more often than any other colour, I would of said black, white and grey but that wasn't allowed.

5. What is your favourite book and how many times do you think you have re-read it?

There is a book called natural causes, about an old murder case which is set in Scotland the author is called James Oswald. I don't want to give too much away but it's a nice little murder/thriller novel, I think I've ready it at least 5 times. I would of included The Pig With Green Spots by Enid Blyton in this but I read that more times than I can count when I was younger.

6. You have up to £200 to spend on one item for yourself right now, Just something you crave, not need. What is it?

I would probably spend it on a games console, I've wanted an Xbox one for ages so I guess I would find one for around £200 (wishful thinking) or I would buy myself a new digital camera because my camera sucks.

7. What has been your favourite holiday destination/day out in your life so far, and why.

My holidays in Spain Alicante have always been my most favourite, my family and I always managed to make the most of the holidays to Spain, my favourite place to go was the salt lakes in Spain, they're so hot and beautiful. a few people I know have spoke about wanting to go to a salt lake and I feel pretty lucky because the lakes are so calming and beautiful. I could of spent all day there with a good book with my feet in the water but if I did that I would probably turn into a burn sausage.

8. If you had a patronus, what animal do you think it would be?

This is another easy one, I would be a cat. Let's face it I am a crazy cat lady and I'm not ashamed to admit it, being a cat appeals to me because they do what they want, can be very independent yet loving and needy and are smarter then most people actually think.

9. What is the longest you have ever been away from facebook/twitter/instagram? Be honest!

I don't think I have been away from Facebook or Instagram for very long but I did delete my twitter account for two years and make a new one, I was getting trolled badly so I decided to come away from it.

10. Friends or How I Met Your Mother??

That is one of the hardest questions ever, I guess it would have to be Friends even though I do enjoy How I Met Your Mother.

Here are my 10 questions;

1. If you had to choose only one season to have for a whole year which season would it be; Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter?
2. What is your favourite movie genre?
3. Are you the kind of person who prefers to be on time, or fashionably late?
4. Do you have any irrational fears?
5. Which celebrity do you really admire and why?
6. Name 3 things in nature that you find really beautiful and why?
7. How long does it usually take you to write up a blog post?
8. Would you rather travel into the past or into the future?
9. What are your hobbies besides blogging?
10. What has been the highlight of your year so far?

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