My cardiac appointment.

Yesterday was the day I finally got to see my consultant after a year of waiting for an appointment, the last time I went I was pregnant so a lot has changed with my body since then. I had a list of things I wanted to talk to my consultant about, one of which is the coming and going of numbness and pins and needles in my left arm. It's a big concern for me because It effects my everyday life just like my NCS does. The other thing I needed to discuss was how much more ill I am feeling since losing my baby, it seems that since I'm no longer pregnant my condition has got a lot worse. 

I went into the reception area and booked myself in, I was called a few minutes later to have my weight and BP checked, they always check my BP when I'm sat down knowing it's so much lower when I'm standing which is annoying. Then I had my ECG, the woman was so kind to me and made me feel very comfortable even though I was laying there topless with my boobies out (I hate it) the machine actually worked first time, normally it takes ages for it to work for me, I guess I was very relaxed! After I was done with that I went and got dressed and the woman told me the consultant was running 35 minutes late... An hour later I was finally seen, but not by my normal consultant, it was some young guy who didn't really know what my problem was until he looked into my file. I asked him where my consultant was he said they split the clinic, he then told me that it's like of the pot which consultant I want to see next time (not pleased at all!!) I did tell him I needed to talk to my normal consultant as he knows everything that's been going on, he told me next time (3/6 months time) I can see him, then asked if I had a tilt table test before and suggested towards the idea of having another, now people know how much I hate the tilt table test it's actual hell having to be strapped down then out upright to make me pass out, I told him no my notes say I have had one and I for want another. He then said he is going to write me a proscription out for fludrocortisone which will be sent through to my GP and sent me in my way.

I was in no way happy about this appointment, I felt upset and wanted to cry. Feeling let down by my own consultant makes me feel uncomfortable about going to see him, I know people may think I am being silly but I really did need to talk to him. At least when I see my GP I can discuss how I feel about it all and he will understand. Has anyone else had a similar thing happen to them and felt upset like I am about it?


  1. I'm glad a nice lady was with you on your ECG I also hate the tilt test and
    you're totally right in wanting your regular doctor back because they know you and these new doctors doesn't even bother in read your file. I had the most bizarre and dissapointment appointment yesterday with internal medicine also a new doctor she was filing her nails not reading my large file and then she started reading my file confusing medications diphenhydramine with diphenylhydantoin, having problems reading some of my illness specially the Neurocardiogenic Syncope she didn't even know anything about the disease or how it is diagnosed I have to tell her that is with a tilt test she looked at me with a really confused face and if I were her I should have kept my mouth shut but noo then she asked me how is the tilt test made? Seriously how is that even possible? Who is the doctor in this room? I have to tell her and she had 3 interns looking her ineptitude the good thing is that they were eager to learn

    1. That's a dreadful way you was treated people are far too insensitive and narrow minded these days and no one ever takes conditions like ours seriously :/ I hope you're ok x