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Monday, 14 October 2013

Lovely days.

I went out with my parents the other day so I could check if Boots had Bleach London dye stocked yet, unfortunately for me they didn't so instead I decided to go Wilkinson and Tkmax. My mum is such a bad influence on me, I try not to buy stuff and she points out cute dresses to me and I cant help but buy them. When I was in town I wasn't impressed with the amount of nasty looks and remarks about my pink hair, people can be very narrow minded sometimes just because I have bright pink hair, they should grow up and keep their remarks to themselves. But I still had a nice shopping trip with my parents, we was only out for an hour, I would of gone with Tom but he was at work.I really needed a new umbrella so when I was in Tkmaxx I spotted a really cute Hello Kitty one that I had to buy in Wilkinsons, it did cost me £6 though, I also saw they was doing bath bombs and got two different ones for Tom to try. After I went to Wilkinsons me and my mum popped into Tkmaxx and she managed to make me buy her a cute pink wool jumper, I got myself two pretty skater dresses, I love the design on them both and they are very snug. 

When I went out for a meal on Friday I wore the blue dress from Tkmaxx, it looks very cute with my velvet jacket from Lashes of London. Over the weekend I was with Tom, I had the most amazing time, we sat and watched movies and ate junk food (naughty us) then on Sunday he took me too Newquay and got me a hello kitty Vans backpack, I am literally so thankful he got me it, he is the sweetest cutest guy ever, he also got me a cute owl iphone case which is perfect for me because I am always dropping my phone.


  1. Hello dear !!!
    I love your blog,awesome :))

    I follow you with GFC,bloglovin hope you follow back :)



  2. Aww, the owl phone case is to die for. So adorable!!! I like the print of your dresses too. Slightly tribal, very trendy these days. :)


  3. I'm slightly obsessed with Aztec print I think it looks great :) he got my phone case from tesco's it's too cute xx

  4. Both dresses look gorgeous and I love the photos from the beach :)


  5. Thanks sweetie I have a post I'm going to do with more pics of the beach, I love living so close to the sea xx

  6. Cute phone case x


  7. I need that umbrella in my life its so cute!! & those two dresses are beautiful!


    1. Go wilkinsons they have so much hello kitty stuff! Xx

  8. I fell upon your blog and loved it to bits!
    it is fantastic!
    love the photos!
    new follower

    1. Thank you lovely! I will check yours out now xx