Seeing as i feel like a school girl wearing my pinafore i thought i would put together an outfit set with it on Polyvore to make it more of a school girl look! I just love the colour yellow, although my mum says i don't suit it that much and tells me to wear green instead i still like wearing yellow! I have a lot of dresses but this pinafore by far has to be my favourite, it may be a bit short but i like wearing a black skirt under that is just a bit longer then the dress, it makes it look so much more different and cute.

school girl look

I have a slight obsession with shoes that have animal faces on especially cat faces, because i am obsessed with kitties! I think this yellow blazer goes well with the whole outfit because it's mostly black and i paired it with this yellow bag and flower ring to make it not look completely like a 12 year olds outfit, not that there is anything wrong with that. But i love this whole outfit, i have a nice red/pink blazers to wear with my pinafore to brighten it up and some pretty flat shoes, so i wouldn't go out and buy a yellow blazer just for the purpose of this outfit (i haven't got the money anyways *sad face*)

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