Cindy Ashbridge.

Whilst i was out the other day with my step dad, nan and aunt in Fowey i came across a very well hidden shop up above an antique store Tippers and Treasures, me being me decided to go and check it out. As i walked in i saw everything set out very nicely and the space was used very well considering it was a tiny store. I went on to ask the woman behind the counter if the store was her's and she if she would like me to write a blog about her, she had the biggest grin on her face. 

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The woman behind the counter was Cindy Ashbridge, This lovely lady makes hand made jewellery, which are all her own designs, she also does repairs and bespoke commissions. Fowey is Cindy's new shop location and the building which her shop is in dates back to the 11th century, it was the old pilgrims lodge before their voyage to Spain it is one of the oldest buildings in Fowey. Fowey has such a interesting history and wasn't around until the 12th century, before that all of Fowey was still know as lostwithiel and at that time Cornwall was the only known source of tin in the world, which i never actually knew until i did a little bit of research into Fowey's history. I you would like to know more of it's history i will leave a link at the bottom of the post. I think the fact that Cindy's shop is in such an old building makes going to see her products even more lovely, her jewellery has such a unique style and i would say it stands out from a lot of jewellery i have seen before. 

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On her site she her designs are being a distinctive collection of contemporary jewellery that has evolved from things she likes, they jewllery pieces are  Big, chunky rock crystals, which are combined with silver  and gold, that has been delicately pierced with simple, repetitive shapes. Shes likes to use a variety of chunky quartz and semi precious gemstones which are all carefully selected for their translucent qualities to reveal the designs hidden beneath  The stones magnify the patterns on the silver, giving it a new dimension. Her patterns are influenced by nature, ethnic symbols and primitive jewellery designs, she says the overall look is bold and eye-catching but the patterns bring a delicate and earthy quality to the pieces. One thing that i love about Cindy's work is she does wedding rings, everyone knows how much i get excited over anything to do with weddings! I love her style and i feel it appeals to every age group and gender.

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Cindy has dedicated designing/making her jewellery for 20 years now and she is still continuing her work. She loves to work with music on and say's she wouldn't be able to work in silent, she isn't alone in the shop though she has two little Jack Russell terriers who keep her comapny, Recently she was involved in the making of dog tags for the Fifteen graduates at Watergate bay, which is a brilliant idea and i understand she was very pleased to be involved in that, they look really cool:

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I bet you're now all waiting to see some of her products so here they are:

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In August this year Cindy will be doing an exciting new exhibition show at her location 9b south street, 
Fowey  show casing '9' Emerging artists from Devon and Cornwall , it will be running from the 3rd of august till the 26th of august, so if you are in Cornwall around that time or interesting in seeing it, just go to the address i have below.

Tel: 01726 833006
Mob: 07789 974737
Address: 9B South Street, Fowey, Cornwall
PL23 1AR

If you would like to read more about the Pilgrims and the tin from Cornwall click HERE


  1. I'm a little magpie for jewellery! I love her unique style :) xxx

  2. She is such a lovely lady, her coastline wedding rings are so beautiful as well xxx

  3. I like how whimsical her designs are. (:

    1. I think that because try are so different it makes them much more appealing to me :) xx


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