So happy!

I'm being such a lazy moo today, i'm not feeling well because my NCS is playing up and i'm super dizzy. But anyways i was just laying on my bed and i heard the letter box, my sister came upstairs and said i have a package, she thought it was my valentines present (it wasn't). So i open it and realise its my bag from Ji Ji Kiki! It is beautiful! Emma put a lovely note inside and sent me 2 extra things, a beautiful necklace and a cat ring. She really didn't have to but i really appreciate it. I think this had much me feel much better and has got me back out of bed! Even if i do feel really dizzy :( i'm really annoyed with my post man because he squished the bow on the bag grrr . The standred delivery was really fast as well and everything was nicely wrapped. Here are some pics:

I haven't tried the necklace on yet, but i can't wait to wear it. I'm sorry about the rubbish pictures my camera seems to be having a hissy fit these days. But i want to say a big thank you to Emma from Ji Ji Kiki. I can't wait to order some more stuff from your site. I really want to hurry up and get better so i can go out with my new bag and wear the necklace and ring.


  1. I think I just fell in love with the bag :) Lucky you :D

    1. It will be back in stock soon! You should get yourself one :D it's only £18 xx

    2. Really? Now I'm definitely going to check out the site :)

    3. :D wicked they are also looking for bloggers xx