A night of love

Let's face it, girls, on valentines night most guys are looking forward to one thing, and yeah some of the time so are us, women. But men are pretty clueless when it comes to buying underwear for women for valentines. I'm the kind of girl who likes's girly underwear that's why if a guy brought me what was in the collage below I would think "yes a man who actually knows what I like!".
girly valentines night

girly valentines night by xgardenofedenx featuring opi nailpolish

I know some boys read my blogger (i have been told) so here are some a few for getting your loved one for valentines day:
1. Glossy box subscription gift
2. My life story
3. We first met jigsaw
4. Lush be mine gift set
5. Pandora bracelet
6. Infinity ring

Have a wonderful Valentines day/night, whether you're single or in a relationship!

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